Monday, October 26, 2009

The Journey

There is so much tears shed in my heart.
Hurt I am that I couldn’t bear the pain
So much to bear the load of pains
Pains that hit the deepest me
I feel like it’s the end of my breath
Breathe that I couldn’t even take in
Could this be over or is it just the beginning?
I have so many questions yet there is no answer
Would I hate or would I love,
Would I welcome or ignore
I only have one choice
I would rather love the unlovely
My journey will never end
I live in this imperfection
When time comes when perfection is there
There, I am HOME where my Father lives.
No one can ever snatch me in my Father’s care
No matter what people think of me
My deepest concern is what my Father thinks
And what He wants to see me
I know that I make my own choices
But I also know that the choices I take
Is guided by the Holy One above
May I always choose the one that leads to light
This journey is never over
There might be more pains
Pains that I know will help me grow
Grow in loving with an OBEDIENT Heart.
May I grow obeying the ONE that is most worthy
Worthy of praise and honor
May I always be sensitive to His voice
May I always hear Him when He calls.
This journey is never over
Over and over the pains will knock
The hurt will still be hurt
This journey is never over.