Monday, April 16, 2012

Each Day With My Father

There is no room for loneliness
In my heart
For peace and joy
Have become my companion

Each day I beg for an
Intimate relationship
With my Abba Father
For in Him I've found pleasure

I want to be where He is
No place in this world
I would go without Him
Where He is, I stay

I stay close with Him
No matter what the cost
Eternal joy I boast
The price I longed to see! 

Thursday, April 12, 2012


He gives inner peace
To His children who humbly 
Lovingly spend time
With their Abba Father

Peace glows like the star
In the wide starry sky
Touches thousands of souls

 For they seek they find
Pleasure in Him...Amen! 

I'm back!

I'm back!!!

 It's been awhile that I haven't updated my blog. 
     I actually have written some poems 
 But I just don't write them here.
     Wishing I could maintain this hobby. 
 It looks like I can only write 
     When my mind is "still" 
We'll see if I can write more This summer.