Monday, April 16, 2012

Each Day With My Father

There is no room for loneliness
In my heart
For peace and joy
Have become my companion

Each day I beg for an
Intimate relationship
With my Abba Father
For in Him I've found pleasure

I want to be where He is
No place in this world
I would go without Him
Where He is, I stay

I stay close with Him
No matter what the cost
Eternal joy I boast
The price I longed to see! 

Thursday, April 12, 2012


He gives inner peace
To His children who humbly 
Lovingly spend time
With their Abba Father

Peace glows like the star
In the wide starry sky
Touches thousands of souls

 For they seek they find
Pleasure in Him...Amen! 

I'm back!

I'm back!!!

 It's been awhile that I haven't updated my blog. 
     I actually have written some poems 
 But I just don't write them here.
     Wishing I could maintain this hobby. 
 It looks like I can only write 
     When my mind is "still" 
We'll see if I can write more This summer.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Journey

There is so much tears shed in my heart.
Hurt I am that I couldn’t bear the pain
So much to bear the load of pains
Pains that hit the deepest me
I feel like it’s the end of my breath
Breathe that I couldn’t even take in
Could this be over or is it just the beginning?
I have so many questions yet there is no answer
Would I hate or would I love,
Would I welcome or ignore
I only have one choice
I would rather love the unlovely
My journey will never end
I live in this imperfection
When time comes when perfection is there
There, I am HOME where my Father lives.
No one can ever snatch me in my Father’s care
No matter what people think of me
My deepest concern is what my Father thinks
And what He wants to see me
I know that I make my own choices
But I also know that the choices I take
Is guided by the Holy One above
May I always choose the one that leads to light
This journey is never over
There might be more pains
Pains that I know will help me grow
Grow in loving with an OBEDIENT Heart.
May I grow obeying the ONE that is most worthy
Worthy of praise and honor
May I always be sensitive to His voice
May I always hear Him when He calls.
This journey is never over
Over and over the pains will knock
The hurt will still be hurt
This journey is never over.

Friday, August 14, 2009


It's beyond what I can see
It's above what I expect
Thy wondrous works
I bow down and praiseThee.

I worship Thee,
O Lord my God
The Creator of the Universe
Thy work is perfect!

Amazing is your mighty power
Great are your mighty hands
Unfathomable is your love
O my creator King!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lord You Have Promised

Lord, you have promised
You have promised me
You'll never leave me
Nor forsake me.

I'm leaning on You
Your promises are true
Lord, you have promised me
I'm leaning on You
I'm leaning on You...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Miss My Mama

They are like rain drops
falling on my face
Showering at the beautiful flowers
at my mama's place
Easing my heart through tears
Bringing joyful years.

O, my mama how I miss you
I miss your loving hands
Hoping to come home
Sitting by your side.

Your flowers are blooming
The Word of God you're nourishing
Helping them grow and glow
Knowing and growing their Father's heart.

Thank you mama for your heart
May God bless your heart
More and more
And live for Him forevermore.